A quick guide to the chapters

  • Rise Of Technology Driven Management in Logistics

    Technology is fast changing the transport industry. Logistics businesses can now manage their businesses better.

  • New Hurdles Of Trucking

    Trucking industry is completely messed up. Right before you jump into solving them, know the actual hotchpotch.

  • Freight Industry Problems To Deal With

    Freights need a lot of workforce and management. Can you deal it with mobile apps?

  • Automate Your Logistics

    We are living a technology driven lifestyle so why not logistics? Eliminate human error right away.

  • How GPS Can Save You

    Losing control over your trucks and cargos? Know how mobile apps can be your savior in this chapter.

  • Deal With On-time Delivery Issues

    Be it customers or your own business benefits, you have to be on time. And unoptimized time of delivery is a major issue in logistics. Can you relate?

  • How To Solve Security Menace In Logistics

    Trucking always faces a blow when its about maintaining security. But technology can help bring revolutionary changes in keeping a pace with security loopholes. Know how apps can help in this chapter.

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