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Apps are rolling at a fast pace and changing things we’re accustomed to. Transportation industry is one of them. In this ebook, you will learn how to turn into a dominant player in transport business with mobile apps.

  • Changing Face of Transport Industry

    Managing transport business is so tough, but with the rise of smartphones, the industry has started to see a change. And the change is nothing, but getting your transport business on apps.

  • Rise of Cab Apps: Uber’s Stardom

    How Uber started its journey and how their journey towards building successful cab apps changed the ways of managing transport business.

  • How To Generate More Revenues

    To build a custom app, make your transport process smooth and seamless is what you need in this hour. But how to make it, whom to trust, you need to dig into a lot of information.

  • What to Look Into Developing Uber X Like Apps

    If you are trying to develop a Uber for X like app, there are some feature you need to consider. Say if you are making another uber like taxi app, you must have geotagging and great UI/UX.

  • Features of Custom-Built Transport App Solutions

    Whether you build an app for car, bus, cargo, or truck apps, you need to find the best features to upscale your business. This chapter discusses the typical features to customize your business.

  • What Is the Cost of Building a Transport App?

    Price is one big factor that helps to take a decision whether you must make your business app-driven or hold back. Get to know the cost of making a transport app to move with the trend.

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